Streaming Presentation Systems

It’s important for your streaming presentation system to work for you when you need it.

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The world relies on technology to stay connected now more than ever. In business, where communication and collaboration are key, streaming presentation systems help organizations work together more efficiently than previously possible both internally and with external stakeholders.

It’s important for your streaming presentation system to work for you when you need it. We’ve all been in those meetings when the video freezes and starts to buffer, the audio cuts out or participants are unable to see your screen. And each time that happens, it’s costing you your two most valuable resources—time and money.

Specializing in audiovisual solutions, the experienced team at Interface Audio Visual in North Carolina can help set up a new system for you or troubleshoot the one you already have.

We provide setup and support for the following streaming presentation systems to businesses in the greater Charlotte metro area.



Zoom meeting plans are known for their ease of use and scalability that make them an ideal solution for entrepreneurs, small teams, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises.


BlueJeans offers cloud-based meetings and large interactive events that are simple, scalable and secure. You can host one-touch meetings in just six seconds complete with HD video and audio powered by Dolby Voice®.

Cisco Webex

From virtual meetings to webinars and webcasting, Webex is one of the most comprehensive streaming presentation systems for businesses.


GoToMeeting powered by LogMeIn was built to help any type of business collaborate more efficiently. One-click meetings, turnkey conference room equipment and cloud recording are just a few of their key features.

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